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The Advantages of Print Management

By outsourcing your print requirements, you can benefit from a number of advantages delivered by our print management specialists.

The first of these advantages is additional buying power.

Paper Impressions continue to help our clients by creating higher economies of scale, which reduces the cost price that we as print managers can “buy” print at. An example of how print management can reduce your costs could be that you require 1000 brochures or a run of 10,000 business cards, which are not relatively large numbers for the more established print suppliers. A print management company, such as Paper Impressions, would be able to use the large volume of print that we buy, to decrease the price that you would pay, saving up to as much as 30% on your cost.

The Second advantage of effective print management would be the benefit of our experience.

Our experience is key to successful print management and the decades that we have been in the industry mean that all the print that Paper Impressions provide for our clients is sourced and produced correctly, to the highest possible standards.

We know what it takes to make great looking print and will make sure that your print project is delivered in the correct time frame within the cost and quality our clients require. This means less time wasted and fewer resources searching for printers allowing you to focus on running your business.

In addition to the increase in finished print quality is the reduction of errors. Our staff have a keen eye for detail and spot errors, highlighting to the client before they go to press, something that very few print suppliers can offer based on the higher volume of work they produce. At Paper Impressions we provide proofing of every detail before it goes to print and always thoroughly review the work to make sure that you will receive the result that you want every time. This tried and tested method has allowed us to decrease the amount of errors that are seen in our clients print, saving them both time and money on their printing needs.

Environmental Concerns

The environmental impact of print is a common concern in today’s eco friendly business environment. Clients and suppliers want to see that, as a company, you are being environmentally responsible in everything you do. Unfortunately the down side is that this puts additional strain on your time and resources, as sourcing green options is usually more expensive and time consuming. Again, at Paper Impressions, we have already done the hard work for you and we already have a number of environmentally certified suppliers, who can source sustainable paper and non toxic inks for all your print needs.

Not Just Print…

Superior buying power, increase in quality, reduction of errors and Environmentally friendly supplies are all good reasons to outsource your print to a print management company such as Paper Impressions, but we want to offer you more. Through our associated partners, we also offer our clients connections to other high quality suppliers in our network, such as tried and tested graphic designers who specialise in design for print and work directly with us to offer our clients a superb standard of quality from concept, right through to the final product. We can also connect with skilled copywriters and photographers for more specific projects. We also understand that more and more business activity takes place on the internet and so we have partnered with a top web design agency to deliver a complete package for your business. Whats more, these additional services are managed by us from start to finish. No more chasing for the designs/images and supplying the right wrong format for the printer. We make sure that the designs are supplied within your time frame and budget and that you are 100% happy with the work before it goes to print.

Just one more reason why our clients love Paper Impressions.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Your Business Card is your constant salesperson. Many business people like to try and hold on to their business cards but it is such a great advertising tool, that you should give out as many business cards as you can! If you employ staff, no matter what role they hold in your business, they can also be your greatest advertising assets, so give them business cards too!
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Give us a call - 020 8645 0707

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